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Help in registration at forum

D-anko: Hello! This theme is created specially, for the help in registration at a forum of foreign participants. Below will be presented to a photo with the detailed instruction. If you will have any questions, please, address to administration of a forum or write here D-anko@mail.ru And we shall help you in the near future. The best regards, administration of a forum Danilchenkova Polina ___________________________________________ -1- Press "Вход-регистрация" -2- 1. Fill the name (for a forum) 2. Fill the password 3. Put a tick for registration 4. Press "OK" For example -3- Press -4- The fields noted by an asterisk, are obligatory to filling. 1.Use gif or jpg no more 50Кб and 200 pixels are not wider. At change an avatar press Ctrl-F5 to see new avatars -5- Partially to translate a forum on English, choose "eng"

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