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Special Club Dog show-CZ

Thaikru_: -Champion class,Brenda Thai Bellijes - pair

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trd: Hello Hedwika! Good photos! And it is possible to learn results? How all these dogs have acted? And that boy, isabella colour, - the future daddy of puppies in kennel TimeLine "?! It is very similar.... click here

Thaikru_: Punlan give Excellent 1 ,CAC,Winner special show ,BOB. This isabell dog is my new male from Thailand Chang-puerg (Thai Champion) .....Thaimline no no In this photo are my champions Punlan and Chang.

Певолга: Oh, Brenda ist a sister of my Taja? She likes my Taja! Kiss her please! Hedvika, if we register our Natinal Club of TRD do you come to us to our special show to Moscow? I want to invate many many peaple and I want to show you not only our dogs, but I want to show you my Moscow.

Thaikru_: Ohh thank you

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